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TLC is a program that works with clients to help them be able to live independently... The staff was kind and gave me the support and help I needed to achieve my goals.

A special thank you to the TLC staff and management. TLC is a group of people who care for and about individuals like me. They take the time to build a positive relationship with their participants.

I have always respected and appreciated the management and staff at TLC. Especially those who were a big part of my rehabilitation. There were many people who were very quick to give up on me but others who were determined to see me through it.

Thank you to the staff and management at TLC for making a positive difference in my life after my stroke. I cannot express how touched I was and still am to know that these people went beyond their call of duty to give me the support I needed to make my transition to go back home as safe and comfortably as it could be.

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