About TLC - Who We Are

Transitional Living Centres (TLC) was founded in 1999
to provide community-based rehabilitation services
for persons with an acquired brain injury.

Our story

At TLC, we believe in promoting independent living skills, which allows the individual to achieve the highest possible level of participation in the community. Our mission is to provide our clients with a safe, supportive environment during their rehabilitation process as they journey back towards their community, family and loved ones. TLC provides:

  • First Community-Based Brain Injury Rehabilitation Facility in Manitoba
  • 24/7 On-Site Support for Clients
  • Goal-Oriented Rehabilitation Careplans
  • Quick Access to Community Resources and Mobile Medical Services
  • Wheelchair Accessible Facilities including Accessible Washrooms and Showers
  • Planned Group and Social Outings




Days per year


Hours a day


Days a week!

Why Choose TLC?

With over 19 years of experience in the field, TLC offers our knowledge and expertise in brain injury rehabilitation. We provide our clients with the best environment and opportunities for maximal recovery and acheievement of rehabilitation goals.

Often the individual suffering from a TBI will be referred to our program by a funding source, such as WRHA, MPI, WCB or other agencies. This is followed by an intake meeting which will provide the individual with more information of the services we offer. It also allows us to determine the level of support that may be required, in order to customize and develop the most suitable program for the person. Once approved, a start date is selected and the individual will move into our residential facility to begin their rehabilitation program.

TLC provides our clients with a multidisplinary group of people working together to ensure that the client receives the care and support they require during their recovery and rehabilitation. We offer and organize physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy, counselling, and medical services.

Each client has an individualized program designed to assist them in achieving their social, vocational and community reintegration goals. These flexible comprehensive programs are effective because they balance the need for structure with increasing levels of responsibility according to the abilities and goals of each individual.

It begins with a phone call. Contact us directly for more information at (204) 336-2609 and we will be happy to assist you.

Our Team

The TLC team is a multidisplinary group of individuals working diligently together to assure that our clients receive the care and support needed during the rehabilitative process. Our staff is comprised of the following:

Community Reintegration Workers, Personal Care Attendants
Primary Workers, Rehabilitation Aides & Specialists
Administrative Assistants, Case Coordinators, Supervisors
Case Managers, Program Manager, Director

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